HM Cyclones for Coal

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    The heavy media cyclone used in the coal industry is an extremely efficient cleaning device using finely ground (-325 mesh) magnetite and water as the “media”.
  • The media density primarily determines separating gravity.
  • A relatively wide range of coal sizes can be cleaned in a wide range of cyclone sizes.
  • Ceramic lining is critical since highash “refuse” is very abrasive.
  • Pressure should be kept relatively low to reduce classification of magnetite particles.
  • Heavy Media Cyclones are usually operated in a near-horizontal orientation allowing for large apex sizes to be used for refuse removal.


Krebs gMAX Hydrocyclones


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New era, new engineering, and a whole new performance standard for separation technology. The new MAX line from FLSmidth Krebs, leading the industry since 1952. Optimum cyclone performance relies on minimizing turbulence while maximizing tangential velocity. The new gMAX® cyclone focuses on these two important cyclone factors, significantly advancing cycloneperformance. To achieve the two design criteria, the gMAX incorporatesperformance-enhancing improvements to the inlet head, cylinder section, cones, and apex.